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Jack Fox is an award winning Director & VFX artist. Having been making short, high concept videos since he was a teenager, Jack has found an audience online with his work continuing to win awards and entertain millions of people around the world. 

As a Director, Jack has a strong, artistic visual style and effectively utilises his knowledge of visual effects and technical ability to design and achieve stunning sequences on a tight budget. With years of experience in multiple departments of video production, Jack can clearly and efficiently communicate with the cast and crew to fully realise his vision.


When it comes to directing, entertainment is first and foremost for me. Whether you are telling a story, sending a message or selling a product, The audience must be entertained and engaged.


I began creating videos when I was twelve years old, learning how to operate the camera, edit footage and create basic motion graphics. I then studied Television Production at Napier University and graduated with a BA Hons degree in 2012.
I continued directing short films with very small crews for several years before co-creating the youtube channel 'Media Mashups' in 2015. I directed four short films and two web series with directing/producing partner Charlie Parker.
The MM productions gave me a lot of experience directing larger cast and crews, handling budget and seeking distribution. We found success with our videos which led to commercial work within Scotland. I gained experience directing small promo videos for local companies alongside working as VFX supervisor on bigger commercials for RBS and Natwest.

The success of the MM videos gained the attention of BBC Scotland who offered me a content creator position for their online platforms, where I wrote and directed short form comedy for BBC 'The Social', 'Short Stuff'. Alongside this, I also completed visual effects work for the BBC, creating title sequences and graphics for several TV shows.

My online comedy sketches have received great success, with over 15 million views and counting. Creating online content for a wide audience gave me a lot of insight into audience engagement, specifically what kind of content gets the best response and what is likely to trend or be shared.

I used this experience in 2020 when I began work on Chaos Rising, a crowdfunded, action/ fantasy pilot episode. After an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign in which we raised over £40,000 from online fans and supporters, we began shooting in late 2021. Chaos Rising gave me amazing experience directing a large set with 100+ cast and crew, complex set pieces and brutal fight choreography. Chaos Rising is currently in post-production and I'm continuing to learn as we are using state of the art visual effects software and techniques to bring the film to life.  

I plan to use my growing knowledge and experience in filmmaking, visual effects, audience engagement and storytelling to continue directing bigger and better things to entertain the world.

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